Let us help you sell your WorldMark ownership!

The aftermarket in the timeshare industry is vast and fragmented. Thousands of products of all stripes compete for the attention and dollars of the buyers who shop this market. These products range from deeded fee simple ownerships of fractional interests such as "quarter shares" to "phantom" timeshares, which are no more than questionable rental schemes and are virtually worthless.

At TLS we are trained and experienced in the resale of WorldMark ownerships. We have been specializing in WorldMark accounts for more than 20 years and we provide free counseling services to all WorldMark owners, regardless of circumstances, so that you have the information you need to decide what is best for you.


So We May Assist You Better

To allow us assist you better, please be prepared with the following information when you call (WorldMark Owner Services Dept. can provide you with this info, at 888-648-7363, ext. 4):

  • Owner Number
  • Owner(s) Name
  • Annual Credits
  • Available Credits Now
  • Anniversary Month
  • Principal Balance Owed
  • Payment Amount
  • Next Payment Due
  • Status of Dues
  • Amount to Bring Account Current

We already know what you’re thinking!
This is new for you. You’re exploring your options. Having worked with thousands of owners just like you, we already know what those options are! Let us help you!  We have information we can communicate via phone or email that will greatly assist you in your decision to divest yourself of your WorldMark timeshare.  We have the largest client base of any aftermarket brokerage and as a result we have tons of repeat and referral clients.  This means that we can find a buyer for your account faster than anyone.

We start with a complimentary appraisal.
We have the market statistics to allow you to gain an understanding of current market values. As with all markets, values change. Give us a call and one of us will be glad to give you a free appraisal of your ownership’s current market value. It only takes a moment. Knowing what your ownership will actually sell for will be a huge assist in your decision-making.  NO UPFRONT FEES.

To sell, or not to sell? That is the question.
Financial difficulties, frustrations borne from unrealistic expectations and change in lifestyle are the most common reasons given for selling. Let us help you explore the issues and then you can make a decision that’s right for you.  Down the road you can always decide to buy back in, and we will do our best for you on each side of the transaction.

Here's How We Can Help You

Brokerage Service
We list, advertise, and then sell your ownership for you at competitive rates. Let us take the worry out of the process and get your contract SOLD! If you choose to list with us, we will email, mail or fax you a listing agreement with all terms and conditions clearly stated for your consideration. Enclosed with this will be a seller net worksheet so you can understand exactly what we will do for you and what it will cost, to the penny. We do not charge an “upfront” fee for our brokerage services. We get paid when you do...when the deal is closed!

Quick Cash
If you don’t have time to wait, call us for a CASH QUOTE. We buy contracts, too.

Reality Checks
It’s a jungle out there, especially for the inexperienced. Unfortunately, timeshare products can be difficult to sell, especially those for which no secondary market has been established. Sadly, many resale companies, including some with national presence, will mislead you with unrealistic expectations as to what you can expect to net from the sale of your ownership. This can be a painful and expensive lesson. Let our 80 plus years of experience guide you so that you make a choice that will actually work for you, not add to your frustrations.